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Our dog Daycare services offers both convenience and affordability, while giving you peace of mind that they are receiving care and attention they truly need while you’re not there.

We are here to make sure the time your pet spends away from you is still quality time. At the end of the day, you’ll pick up a tired but happy dog—one that’s had a fun day designed for just the right amount of exercise and relaxation. All of our new Furry Babies will be behavior and temperament tested so that we can make sure we place them with other dogs with similar play styles. 

We suggest for first time dogs who have not attended daycares before, to book in for a half day (6 hour) session so we are able to introduce them to the pack slowly, without it being too overwhelming but staying for a full day. This may not be possible due to work commitments so we are happy to have them for a full day, they may just require a break during the day. 

​* Please note that your dog needs to be up to date with the following vaccinations as well as flea and worming treatments:

  • Vanguard 5 Plus or DHPPI – vaccinates against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza. These are all potentially life threatening.

  • Kennel Cough or Bronchishield – vaccinates against components of kennel cough and is recommended for dogs in nose to nose contact with other dogs, shared bowls etc. Like the human flu vaccination, it doesn’t provide 100% protection but reduces the severity and decreases shedding.

  • Lepto – vaccinates against leptospirosis which is transmitted in the urine of rodents/possums/affected animals. It causes a severe kidney failure and can be transmitted to people, so poses a human health risk.

​If your dog is showing any signs of illness while at daycare such as vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing or is presenting with fleas/ticks or warts etc we will separate your dog and ask for you to collect them immediately.

​*Pick up/Drop off is available in certain areas only, please ask if your location is suitable for this service.

​Daycare is 7am-6pm (full day) and 6 Hours (half day) weekdays, We also have have the option of 4 hour sessions (to be booked at least a day in advance) at any time during the day for $20 - Please contact us to find out more.

To view the facilities, please call ahead so we know to expect you, the best times to pop in are between 9am-11am and 2pm-3.30pm 


1/2 day care            

Full day care               

5 ½ day concession  

5 full day concession 

10 1/2 day concession

10 full day concession









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